Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

Electronic Posters or E-Posters ​are similar to traditional paper posters, but displayed on-site on a large LCD television screen and are available for electronic viewing at all times for participants.

E-Posters will be available at the E-Posters stations on the second level of the Congress venue. Viewers will be able to easily find and browse E-Posters and download the posters in PDF format when permitted by the presenter. 

Abstracts selected for E-Poster Viewing will have no specific presentation date and time.​
Any E-Poster can be viewed on any screen at any time. The author of the E-Poster may stand by the E-Poster screens in order p​resent their E-Poster during breaks. Additionally, delegates will be able to email the presenter via the E-Poster system in order to set up a meeting to discuss the E-Poster. ​

These posters do not require printing or p​roduction of materials – as your work will be available for viewing electronically.

How to Prepare your E-Poster

Step 1:

Prepare a one page poster document in power point or word document. You may download a template to prepare an e-poster.

To download the e-poster template please click this link

Step 2:

Turn your document into PDF, PNG or JPG file format or leave it in PPT format without any animation.

  • Language: All e-posters should be created in the English Language
  • Layout: Portrait (Vertical Orientation)
  • Size of Poster:
    • In Pixels, the minimum recommended size (format WxH) is 1125 x 2000px and the maximum is 2250 x 4000px.
    • In bytes, the maximum file size is 4 Megabytes (4MB)
    • DPI 300 pixels/inch
  • File Format: Save your file as PDF, PNG, JPG or leave it in PPT format in order to upload the e-poster
  • Pictures and graphs/tables: Pictures, graphs/tables can be included in the file

*video and music cannot be included in the file.  

How to Submit Your E-Poster

By the second week of March, all registered E-Poster presenters will receive an email with a link to the E-Poster submission site along with a username, password and complete instructions for poster submission.

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